Bankruptcy Website Keywords to Target and Blog Post Topic Summaries

Bankruptcy Website Keywords for SEO Lead Generation

Bankruptcy Website Keywords

This is a partial list of keywords used as an example for the type of keywords an Ontario Bankruptcy Trustee would use to target for traffic earning.

  • bankruptcy
  • bankruptcy and insolvency act
  • consumer proposal
  • bankruptcy trustee
  • consumer proposal Ontario
  • bankruptcy Ontario
  • bankruptcy and insolvency act Canada
  • bankruptcy in Ontario
  • declaring bankruptcy
  • trustee in bankruptcy

Example Blog Post Topic Summaries

Below you will find a selection of meta titles, meta descriptions and content writing summaries. They are designed for bankruptcy lawyer , bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy lead generation website.

1. Meta Title: What Should Know About The Canadian Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act

Meta Description: The Canadian Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act can be a challenge to understand for the best of us. Only a Licenced Bankruptcy Trustee can provide the information and solutions to conquer your debt issues.

Topic: bankruptcy and insolvency act

Summary: Essentially a short-form guide on how the CBIA affects the lives of those in debt. Try to highlight the expertise of the bankruptcy trustee as well as their ability to give clients the answers they need to make sound choices about their debt.
2. Meta Title: Bankruptcy vs Alternatives

Meta Description: Your debt circumstances will determine the right solution to get you out of debt. A local Bankruptcy Trustee can provide all the information you need to decide between a consumer proposal & bankruptcy.

Topic: bankruptcy vs consumer proposal

Summary: Stress the need to contact a trustee regarding any specific cases but then provide 2 examples from past clients suitable for Consumer Proposals vs Bankruptcy.
3. Meta Title: 10 Common Bankruptcy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Meta Description: Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposals can be the right choice for many. It’s is also a decision that should be taken with care, once you understand the risks & responsibilities.

Topic: bankruptcy

Summary: A quick intro of bankruptcy as an option. A mention of potential alternatives. Then a list of 10 (or whatever # makes sense) common mistakes regarding bankruptcy

4. Meta Title: The Latest Canadian Insolvency Statistics – We meet them everyday

Meta Description: A quick review of the most recent Personal Bankruptcy statistics plus commentary on the real people we see feeling the pain of debt.

Topic: bankruptcy statistics

Summary: With a fast changing economy and just through 2 confirmed quarters of recession, bankruptcy figures are hitting the news more regularly. Illustrate the most recent figures and real or “typical” clients you’re seeing.
5. Meta Title: Meet A Bankruptcy Trustee

Meta Description: A 2 minute elevator pitch on the job done by Bankruptcy Trustees. Who they are, what they do and why you might want to talk to one if you’re in debt.

Topic: bankruptcy trustee

Summary: A 2 minute elevator pitch on the job done by Bankruptcy Trustees. Who they are, what they do and why you might want to talk to one if you’re in debt.
6. Meta Title: The Consumer Proposal

Meta Description: A consumer proposal is an effective alternative to Bankruptcy that is available to many indebted Canadians.

Topic: Consumer Proposal

Summary: Many people allow debts and bills to go too far. They start ignoring the collection calls and continuing to live life without dealing with debt. The resulting guilt and embarrassment can become a constant burden. Encourage readers to talk to a Trustee to get the options. The assessment is free, confidential and no obligation.
7. Meta Title: Canadian Insolvency – How Did Your Province Fare?

Meta Description: A Trustee review of the most recent Personal Bankruptcy statistics and how each province fared.

Topic: bankruptcy + province

Summary: With each province having its own employment base and economic realities, insolvencies in each province are as individual as the province. Do a quick review in list format of the bankruptcy statistics by province and make a notations regarding the data in relationship to the rest of Canada.
8. Declaring Bankruptcy in Canada – A Printable Checklist.

Meta Description: Debt & Bankruptcy can be worrying to think about. Like any stress its best to deal with it head on. Follow our convenient checklist or contact a Bankruptcy Trustee today.

Topic: declaring bankruptcy

Summary: Write a checklist for clients to review before declaring bankruptcy with contacting a Trustee as #1. We will set it up as a downloadable PDF.

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