About Blue Tide Marketing

Our motto since 2009 “You Want results Not A sales pitch” It’s what and who we are.

So who do we think we are?
We’re that agency. The one that gets results. We’re marketing experts, true, but really we’re all about you: your business, your customers, your results. We know the pressure you’re under to drive sales. Think of us as an experienced helping hand that gets you where you want to go.
What exactly do we do?
We develop commonsense solutions that get results. Whether you need direct response, e-commerce digital, design expertise or tailored marketing services, we formulate the concept and rationale, develop the strategy and find the solutions that drive traffic — for small upstarts, large corporations and everything in between. We go beyond building traffic and stress revenue-building results.
And how do we do it?
First we have to get to know you so we can generate leads. Then we get down to business. We’ve got 25+ years of experience converting sales. And our design team knows how to get the right response from the target audience — but it’s much more than clever words and fancy creative. It’s about measuring leads, evaluating results, adjusting plans in real time and executing the next wave.
And another thing.
Here’s a home truth we’ve come to know really well: Messaging that’s a good fit for one audience isn’t always right for another, even when a client is trying to sell exactly the same thing to both. We’ve worked hard to master the art of targeted marketing, and that’s why our clients look to us to reach special populations — Chinese, Hispanic-Latino, Japanese, Filipino —in the way they want to be reached.