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In terms of web presence and SEO in 2016 the process has become much more complicated and time consuming. The days of being able to put up a weakly focused site, game the system with spammy content, overloaded keywords, doorway pages etc. are long over. The algorithms used by Google and the major search engines rely on signals from your website that are hard to Fake.  

Clean site design and structure, clear site-wide on page optimization, fresh relevant content, quality inbound links and a growing online presence are the main focus of our work.

WhiteHat Only​­ – We perform all our work within the guidelines set out by the search engines to help your site rankings without risking what you have already built.

Who Is Blue Tide Marketing?

Blue Tide is passionate about the Internet and we are constantly pushing to evolve the way it serves our clients.  Our friendly no pressure approach is backed by trained and talented Digital Marketers, SEO Specialists, Social Media Mavens, Designers, Developers and professional Writers.

Search is at the center of how people and businesses engage with the web. Search is the ultimate test of survival of the fittest. To stay relevant, trusted and used, a search engine must deliver robust, accurate results that answer the searcher’s query.

For a business, search is the ultimate proving ground of ideas, value and merit. The online world benefits those businesses that honor a client centered approach ­ The “good guys​”. For us it’s an honor to help businesses build a dominant position online through the development of great content and great engagement. Online the good guys ​do finish first and we are privileged to help them do it.

Besides building more than 350 websites, optimizing hundreds and working digital strategy for well known brands, we also teach SEO & Analytics for the ADaPT Program at Ryerson University. The classes allow us to train and choose potential hires from a pool of top graduate students.

Optimization Strategy

We are proposing a comprehensive approach to increase your rankings for both high volume generic searches and longer phrase (long tail) searches that indicate more intent. At the end of the day you are looking for more targeted visitors that actually convert and sign up. This is the best approach to get those online searchers at both the beginning and end of their search while leveraging the search volume within each category niche.

To get there we will create a number of new pages, optimize titles, optimize content and images, and build extensive themed links to your target pages.

SEO Program – Outlined In Detail Below

  1. Technical SEO Audit & Optimization
  2. Site wide High Level On Page Optimization
  3. Increase the numbers of quality inbound links and sculpt the overall link profile.
  4. Add link building from high-­trust sources and major news sites (Brand PR).
  5. Add new content to increase relevance for under performing keywords and increase keyword spread.

Search Engine Optimization Campaign Overview

The recommended package is a custom tailored campaign based on the needs of your site​. We will create appropriate landing pages, integrate on­ page changes, build extensive natural links to the target pages, manually editing / optimization of existing content with a best practices process built for ongoing content publishing and integrate a passive social campaign through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube social media accounts.

Content Creation and Link Building

Content is King – there is nothing better for SEO than well written and optimized content. It generates links on its own and makes your site relevant to the search engine for the topics we are targeting.  We use a balance of well ­developed blogs, related sites, infographics, press releases, industry guest posting, manual citation building and social promotion to garner relevant quality links back to your website.

Because link building has changed so much in the last year we have continuously retrained to ensure our methods are up to date. Partial match signaling, domain quality and variation are all becoming much more important than the exact match linking of 2009­ – 2014. As Google struggles to keep irrelevant or gamed content pushed down in its index it has made substantial changes to the value it places on different types of links. We build natural, well balanced link profiles to ensure solid rankings with a hedge against changes.

Solution – Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

SEO + Content Marketing + Training & Best Practices

In response to the SEO and lead challenges identified, Blue Tide proposes a comprehensive SEO campaign that utilizes technical improvement, content development, content promotion and link outreach techniques. These activities are intended to enhance organic search visibility, produce targeted traffic and provide

Technical SEO Audit & Optimization

In cooperation with your internal team, Blue Tide will guide the structural, content and navigation design of the site. We will make sure that the site’s pages, its information architecture and its content taxonomy are conducive for search engine indexing.

On Page Optimization

The following tasks will be performed to attain a high level of on-site optimization:

  • Title tag audit & optimization
  • Meta description audit & optimization
  • Anchor text audit & optimization
  • Internal linking audit & optimization
  • Duplicate content audit & optimization
  • Weak/thin content page audit used for content development focus
  • Crawl error audit & optimization
  • Sitemap Setup & Submission
  • Schema implementation
  • Link profile analysis for design of link building campaign
  • Interlinking pages to best spread the power of the incoming links to your site
  • Optimize the content of your website in a manner that make it keyword rich as well as easy-to-understand – descriptive language that speaks to your target audience
  • Set up Google Analytics with funnel tracking & goal tracking on your website
  • Set up Webmaster Tools and review baseline data
  • Set up rank tracking for your keywords and semantic synonyms

Online Branding Enhancements To Support SEO Marketing

Branding is an integral part in the current age of Google’s algorithms. A strong brand is a hefty trust signal for search engines, making websites that invest in this aspect of online marketing stronger in search results.

Branding will be reinforced using the following methods:

  • Local directory listings and citations
  • Creation / optimization of social media brand pages
  • Graphical assets
  • Press & Media Releases
  • Online review building process

Content Creation & & Marketing Online

Content creation is now more important than ever in SEO and online marketing. Google’s search algorithms are now advanced enough to identify and reward original, fresh and high-quality content. The more professional, on-brand content your website produces, the more traffic it will attract from Google as a result.

The idea is to create a diverse set of content assets that will be used in strategic Internet locations for more reach.

Blue Tide will help develop content through the interview process below:

Research – industry & competing info sources

Audience – persona development

Brand Guide – Development of a 1 page outline to guide writing & imagery tone

Keyword mapping – Identification of keywords that the site is campaigning for and other terms with a strong degree of relevance to those keywords.

Extensively research keyword phrases, and identify and analyze popular keywords for your website that are most relevant to your specific market demographics that could drive targeted traffic

Review the site’s pages and decided which ones are best for SEO

Work with you to choose which keyword phrases belong on which pages of your site based upon what you know about your product, service or brand

  • Content Brainstorming Sessions – Taking the mapped keywords and creating topics out of keywords that will serve as the basis for the content interviews. We will focus efforts on creating timeless or “evergreen” content which will receive traffic for years.
  • Editorial Calendar Creation – Identification, prioritization and plotting of content to be published. Interview campaign to produce 8 news updates (blogs) per month
  • Audio Interviews – The audio interview is done by our in-house interviewer and the resulting podcast is ready for sharing to multiple audio podcast platforms including Soundcloud & Apple.  Its also embedded as an audio widget in the content posts.
  • The recording is also transcribed to text and optimized as a set of site articles.  
  • Dedicated SEO Editor to refine, optimize & publish content
  • Content will include license free images to support the content
  • Content will be fully SEO optimized from meta to content to authority outlinking
  • Content stretching – Taking the essence of the content and using it to produce more than just articles, such as PDF’s, podcasts, SlideShare decks etc.

Content Marketing Promotion

Content will serve no traffic and SEO benefits if it only sits in the website and goes unnoticed. To gain valuable, natural backlinks, incremental click-through traffic and brand recognition, the content has to go through a promotion process.

Below are the ways in which we will distribute and popularize your content online:

  • Content will be passively shared through social profiles & as part of outreach Guest posting in relevant blogs
  • Press release distribution via newswires
  • Posting of decks in SlideShare
  • Posting of PDF’s
  • Sharing of audio on SoundCloud & Apple
  • Using outside interviews to gain inbound links by sharing an optimized summary to post

Network For Link Building & Content Collaborations

We will look to share efforts to create interview content by interviewing outside industry professionals (related experts).  The interview process used internally is modified to create 2 pieces of content.  The first, the recording, will be used on your websites and a professionally written summary of the interview will be provided for posting to the industry professionals website – with link back to our posting. One outside interview per month would be ideal.  We will work with you to ideal candidates and then handle the outreach.

Link Building & Outreach

  • Build Up the Link Profile – Inbound links from relevant, high quality websites will help maximize the website’s ranking potential. Blue Tide will use a variety of tactics to encourage authority sites to link to website pages.
  • Citation building – a group of industry specific and general directory sites are used to generate and confirm NAP data for Google and other data providers.  Clean, consistent citations at a volume higher than your competitors will deliver solid rankings – a time proven technique.
  • SEO Outreach – Identification & Outreach to relevant authority websites (high profile industry sites).  We will identify ideal link placement targets, prioritize them and use our outreach process to gain guest posting opportunities.  Blue Tide will produce approved content for the authority website that includes a relevant, well placed link back to your company’s website pages.
  • Capitalize on Video, Audio and Slideshows – Text content and link building are not enough to guarantee success in today’s search engine optimization landscape. Google’s algorithms tend to reward websites that look like legitimate brands and rich media is a good way to capitalize on this. Posting YouTube videos and SlideShare presentations is a great way to expand brand awareness and attract more visitors to the website.

Measuring Your Web Marketing Success

Our system follows a clearly defined, proven process of clean site design, fresh content, keyword focus & quality link & off site development. We implement that process in an environment that is out of our control – the search engines. That said, we acknowledge that as a client you need to see tangible results oriented progress. To track performance we will show you how to understand & see improvement through Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools & SEMRush ranking reports.

At the end of each monthly campaign cycle, we will use various tools and techniques to measure and improve the following key performance indicators:

As part of our commitment to transparency and client buy-in we will train your staff to understand the important metrics, the 3rd party platforms that provide this data and how to gain insights from it.

Thank you again for the opportunity & we look forward to helping you with your digital marketing needs.


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