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SEO allows a small business to compete and disrupt larger businesses

Ranking on Google for “Toronto SEO” is one of the main ranking goals of a GTA SEO company just like a Vancouver SEO company would want “Vancouver SEO”. It demonstrates that we know what we’re doing – proof of concept so to speak. And its a bit of an ego thing.

Of course there 100’s of keyword phrases that can drive targeted traffic to an SEO agency but “Toronto SEO” is a nice one to have. My old company Toronto SEO Group has maintained a top 3 ranking on Google for “Toronto SEO” for several years. A dominant ranking on Google universal and local search results (SERPS) is the result of a unique link building process.  We never bought into the mass link building of our competitors.  Its silly, Google is trying to produce a system that provides the best results to a searcher with the ability to filter through SEO games.  Our thinking is that Google is spending an awful lot of money on algorithm development, AI process control and armies of humans to sift, sort, vet, proof, assign, categorize, rank and deliver search listings.

A mass link build is a stain on your website that Google can see easily.  Google doesn’t mind SEO promotion within a reasonably fair set of parameters.  Its still Google’s dojo but if you fight fair you will get your chance to shine.

Google marketshare – July 2016

Infographic: Google Rules The West, Baidu Top In China | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Google’s main profit center is the Adwords ads shown in search results and on Google partner sites.  In order for that pump of a revenue center to maximize profits, it needs to get as much of the search market share as possible.  Think about the interface of Google vs Yahoo or Bing – it’s clean vs cluttered and noisy.  Google specializes in delivering one thing really well – answers to searchers questions.  Its answers are the best, the most accurate / valuable as compared to its main competitors discussed above. That’s why it has the market share in Canada and the US that it does.

So our link building methods are more targeted.  We are after website link partners that provide relevance for the topics our website targets as well a measure of trust provided by older, geographically important and authoritative domains.

Citation building

local directory listings think ( )

Team Sponsorhip


Web 2.0’s

Link Partners

Outreach Campaigns ( Guest Posting)

Media Links

– Forbes





Comments – Disqus


Now the link building mentioned above + a well designed website that loads fast with loads of great content with best practice on page optimization, will not in itself outrank the current ranking leaders.

A good amount of ongoing work on content development, link development, social media and offline sales development is whats needed to get enough website engagement from users looking for “Toronto SEO”.



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