About Blue Tide Website Design

About Blue Tide Website Design

Our motto "You want results, not a sales pitch" It’s what and who we are.

Website Design & online marketing changes daily with the evolving online environment.  Successful design and marketing campaigns can benefit from well-timed execution and a willingness to leverage existing online assets.

Things we will focus on during the design process:

Speed - your organic rank for searchers using their phone is heavily tied to the load speed of the website, I work with clients to ensure the quickest load times possible.

The look and feel need to be inline with your vision. We need to do a great job of making the pages more appealing / higher converting, using great visuals.

We build all websites with SEO in mind. This means that I leave the website completed with Yoast installed, Search Console & Analytics connected and the completed on page optimization of the entire website (meta, descriptions, headings, content guidance, out-linking technique, image attribution technique).

To provide the highest level of security and protection as well as improving a users trust of your website we install SSL Certificates on all the websites we build.


Things we focus on in our SEO process:

• We stay abreast of Google evolution and adapt our strategies in lockstep.

• We stay up to date with client competitors and industry to identify digital opportunities.

• We look for online conversations where clients could benefit from engagement.

For a business, the web is the ultimate proving ground of ideas, value, and merit.  The online world benefits those businesses that honor a client-centered approach – the “good guys”.

It's an honor for us to help businesses build a dominant position online through the development of great content and great engagement. Online, the good guys do finish first and we are privileged to help them do it.


Give us a call and feel what it's like to work with the right AGENCY.
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