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Karey Davidson Design
“WordPress Just For Bloggers” “No Way!” To stay on top of what’s new in design, you must be mindful of what is hot in the WordPress community. Even more so, you must know why trends happen in the first place.  Looks may be deceiving – what is hot is not always arbitrary. By knowing what
WordPress Plugins We Recommend 2018
WordPress’s real strength is its vast network of plugins. Of the top 1,000,000 websites in the world, 26.3% or 255,083 of 969,765 are run on WordPress ( stats May 2018). It’s the same reason Apple and Android own the cellular phone market, they have the best array of apps that help clients extend the functionality of
Canadian Website SEO Marketing
SEO Marketing Service In terms of web presence and SEO in 2018, the process has become much more complicated and time-consuming. The days of being able to put up a weakly focused site, game the system with spammy content, overloaded keywords, doorway pages etc. are long over. The algorithms RankBrain AI used by Google to discern
WordPress Website Design & Development
We love the WP Engine platform for hosting the WordPress websites we design and SEO. If you move your WordPress website to a new website host from WP Engine then you may need to remove the code below from your WP config.php file.  Otherwise, you will have loading issues. The file is found in the top (root)
Sadie - a reliable website - dog
How A Web Development Agency In Toronto Makes A Website More Reliable Web Development Agency Reliability makes people feel comfortable and confident in their decisions, which is why having a reliable website is so important, especially for an e-commerce site. To achieve that goal, you can work with a top web development agency in Toronto.
Please consider this a rough draft with some assumptions. A few questions: Are you selling the service through partners? We deal with a few financial, debt and credit card websites that have Canada wide coverage and monthly traffic in the low 100,000’s. They would consider this as a value offer for their users. Is there

Blue Tide Newspaper Interview

A quick synopsis of the report below. The “splinternet“ is what most businesses find themselves up against now. The multiple channels of search paid search, social, video, email etc. are being accessed from a growing array of devices. This is translating into a more complex and more expensive avenue for the small business to market
We all remember Tetris; it was the quintessential strategy video game of its time. At this point, you may be asking what this has to do with your digital marketing presence. Well, Tetris’ challenge was to find the right fit for the blocks that were constantly being thrown at you. Each new set of blocks

Content is King – Bow before him

A few days ago I had a great conversation with a client. “It’s great that you hit number one, but how have your conversions been affected?” The response I received was somewhat irksome and unsettling; “We haven’t noticed any change yet”. I briefly paused on the other end of the line to fully absorb what
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