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Please consider this a rough draft with some assumptions. A few questions: Are you selling the service through partners? We deal with a few financial, debt and credit card websites that have Canada wide coverage and monthly traffic in the low 100,000’s. They would consider this as a value offer for their users. Is there

Blue Tide Newspaper Interview

A quick synopsis of the report below. The “splinternet“ is what most businesses find themselves up against now. The multiple channels of search paid search, social, video, email etc. are being accessed from a growing array of devices. This is translating into a more complex and more expensive avenue for the small business to market
We all remember Tetris; it was the quintessential strategy video game of its time. At this point, you may be asking what this has to do with your digital marketing presence. Well, Tetris’ challenge was to find the right fit for the blocks that were constantly being thrown at you. Each new set of blocks

Content is King – Bow before him

A few days ago I had a great conversation with a client. “It’s great that you hit number one, but how have your conversions been affected?” The response I received was somewhat irksome and unsettling; “We haven’t noticed any change yet”. I briefly paused on the other end of the line to fully absorb what
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How Do I Hire A Digital Marketer

If you are the person at your company who has been entrusted with sourcing a company to handle your digital marketing efforts, it can be a daunting task. The inevitable first question ends up being: how much do I need to know? Truthfully, this is a fair query. As a starting point, you should be

A Complementary Tandem

If you have ever watched any road rally competition the world over, you will see that there is one consistent element that is inescapable. If you have any chance for success, an exceptional driver, and a knowledgeable navigator are required. If either is not present or intuitively connected to the other, it could spell disaster.
The best place to turn for excellent advertising tips is a reputable digital marketing agency in Toronto. Although multiple marketing agencies exist, not all provide the same services or level of expertise. In the current digital age, it is imperative that you choose a company that has experience and knowledge in marketing on social media
A top online marketing company in Toronto explains that while the Google Search Console is not overly complicated, there are several steps involved. Because of that, you may find it difficult to go through the process of setting this up. To streamline the process and keep up on when new marketing trends emerge, consider using
If you work as a professional marketer, you need to stay on top of changes to social media sites. As an expert, you offer a tremendous amount of knowledge about content marketing and other SEO strategies. However, even if you have an inbound marketing certification, meaning that you completed comprehensive marketing courses that covered all