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Every now and again, a website needs to be moved to another URL. There are many different reasons for making this decision, such as switching to https, going international or rebranding, just to name a few. When you move your website, be prepared to do some work on it, to make sure your SEO doesn’t
Purchasing a developed website is like all other investments – it can be a source of profit and a great addition to your portfolio, or it can be a total disaster, costing you more in the long run. There is middle ground, of course, with websites that are not great but with a little more
There’s a subtle but significant change happening in the world of organic SEO. First, it was mainly the talk among Toronto’s keyword research experts, but recently more and more developers and users are becoming aware of the LSI phenomenon. The gradual shift from the origins of keyword use – which led to keyword stuffing and
To most effectively run your website, you need to be attentive to server issues or network problems right when they arise. Lack of awareness on your part could lead to lengthy down-times, which isn’t good for business. Just like excellent website design services or professional search engine optimization, effective server monitoring is a key part
When a website runs for years, it tends to accumulate a vast number of pages. Content pages, blog articles, news updates and a great deal of other content that has been indexed, ranked and keeps getting visitors. The only problem… some of it is old, old, old. It may be old in terms of content
If you’re considering cutting the Facebook cord you’re going to need to get all of your data downloaded before you do.  Your pictures and videos can be tricky to get.  Facebook does provide an account download option but the video and image quality is greatly reduced. Here is an online service that makes downloading or cloud
Have you noticed your inbox tends to look like a flood has started? When it fills up at this kind of rate, the decision between delete and open is leaning strongly towards delete. After all, you can’t possibly read everything that lands in your inbox, even if it isn’t spam, and you only end up
The world is rapidly becoming a global village. This is an amazing thing for global businesses, huge retailers, and even small-scale operations which market their products worldwide. But what if you need to reach a very specific audience in a specific region? The answer is that not only that you can, but it’s also strongly
If you are redesigning your website, you absolutely need to take SEO into consideration. As any SEO optimization service will tell you, failing to take SEO into consideration when doing a redesign can easily wreak havoc on your search engine rankings, which in turn is bad news for your bottom line. To avoid disaster and