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When a website runs for years, it tends to accumulate a vast number of pages. Content pages, blog articles, news updates and a great deal of other content that has been indexed, ranked and keeps getting visitors. The only problem… some of it is old, old, old. It may be old in terms of content
If you’re considering cutting the Facebook cord you’re going to need to get all of your data downloaded before you do.  Your pictures and videos can be tricky to get.  Facebook does provide an account download option but the video and image quality is greatly reduced. Here is an online service that makes downloading or cloud
Have you noticed your inbox tends to look like a flood has started? When it fills up at this kind of rate, the decision between delete and open is leaning strongly towards delete. After all, you can’t possibly read everything that lands in your inbox, even if it isn’t spam, and you only end up
The world is rapidly becoming a global village. This is an amazing thing for global businesses, huge retailers, and even small-scale operations which market their products worldwide. But what if you need to reach a very specific audience in a specific region? The answer is that not only that you can, but it’s also strongly
If you are redesigning your website, you absolutely need to take SEO into consideration. As any SEO optimization service will tell you, failing to take SEO into consideration when doing a redesign can easily wreak havoc on your search engine rankings, which in turn is bad news for your bottom line. To avoid disaster and
2 Minutes On Conversion Rate Optimization “Conversion is a term that lends itself to the definition of the customer relationship lifespan in which a lead becomes a prospect, a prospect becomes an opportunity and an opportunity becomes a customer. The trick is: How to create an effective conversion optimization strategy that will convert leads into
Get Connected Social media sites are used by millions of people every hour of everyday. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can create your presence even stronger. Take advantage of this incredible business opportunity and reach your audience in the most effective manner. Call us today for a professional consultation – 416-889-7812 The great thing for
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“Build dialogue, establish authority and inspire trust with your prospects and audiences by using content marketing campaigns that demonstrate your industry expertise and knowledge, and place you ahead of your competitors as Thought Leaders in your industry.” – Marcia Childs Contact Us For A Content Creation Strategy for Your Business! Leading companies in leading industry

2 Minutes On Link Building

If internet marketing has a Trump Card, link building is it! Link Building Is The Key Blue Tide Website Design works hard to gain relevant inbound links to your website from a variety of quality sources. We utilize link building methods that are proven effective. Each link building campaign we design for our clients is
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