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Hosting Switch

Just a quick note that we have moved all website clients to Siteground. Our other host Hostgator had an ongoing speed issue that we could not wait to have corrected after going back and forth with their support for 2 weeks. We have been building websites for a long time and know well the importance

Canadian Citation List – 2017
SEO Quote for Toronto Mediation Firm
Good morning, As an update I have completed my look at your website, industry players and level of competition. I have attached a few reports for mediation based websites and the current online space. Digital marketing can and should encompass SEO, Paid Search & Social Media.  As you are starting fresh I would recommend a
Answers and advice to help clients make a decision about their digital marketing come fast and free from us – please see an anonymized client Q&A email below.  Digital costs money – just like having an honest mechanic saves you money on repairs – having an honest webmaster helps you make the decisions you need
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5 Minutes on WordPress

So I went to pitch a local private primary school in downtown Toronto. I like school website redesign work. Typically they are very professional to sell to and work with. In this particular case they had a parent slash IT adviser sit in with us. I’m a fan of this usually as a trusted IT

Example of Basic Lawyer SEO Campaign

This is my rough bare bones plan below with hours and costs @ $1450.00 per month. This plan assumes a target area of Vancouver & surrounding as per site locations.  Expected results are top 5 listings in our 8 target cities along with a large traffic increase from new informational searches within 6 months. Basics –
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