Local Search Marketing

The experts at Blue Tide Website Design have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you leverage the power of the local through marketing strategies and keywords specifically tailored to local demographics.

“Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with you! We really had no idea what we needed but you made the whole experience a very comfortable one!” –Wes Lun, Brothers Tech Solutions

Local SEO for Small Business1 out of every 5 Google searches contains some kind of local intent? In today’s world, local search marketing is one of the most important pieces of an effective digital marketing strategy, and its importance only continues to grow. With ongoing algorithm updates Google is able to place an increasingly important role on local ranking factors. Industry experts anticipate that search engines will likely roll out even more updates to make local results even more important as it develops. Local SEO is already a key piece of all Blue Tide Website Design's digital marketing programs. Through complete local SEO techniques and universal SEO strategies, the experts at Blue Tide Website Design will help your brand to fully harness the power of both mobile phone searches and near-me search terms with local intent in order to improve conversion rates, drive sales, maximize visibility, and improve rankings.

A Multidimensional Attitude to Local Search Marketing

Many ranking factors come into play in a local search marketing strategy, including business signals, on page signals, review signals, social signals, and social media signals.  Blue Tide Website Design is here to help your brand leverage the power of local search in order to maximize its visibility across the Internet. Our SEO experts have the experience and the expertise to tailor your website strategy to users’ local intent. Blue Tide Website Design’s local search marketing is a multifaceted, strategic approach that includes local search based keywords, content with local intent, local search engine profile optimization, and citation building. Here’s what you will see:

  • More local traffic with deep research on localized keywords phrases and their analysis. It is easier to rank in local searches than non-local searches, as there tends to be less competition overall for local keywords. That means that the right keyword phrases can make a dramatic difference in your SEO program. Blue Tide Website Design understands the importance of localized keywords in a local search marketing strategy. Our experts will work with your brand to identify the most effective localized keywords and integrate them in critical on-page elements of your website.


  • Improve visibility with comprehensive local citation building. Our local citation development efforts will put your business on the map. We will work to ensure that your company’s identifying information (name, email address, phone number address, etc.) is published on locally relevant and industry-relevant indexes and directories across the web, including chamber of commerce websites, local news sites, local professional association sites, local blogs, and industry indexes and directories. As the importance of local factors continues to grow in search algorithms, search engines are increasingly taking local citations into consideration when ranking pages. Blue Tide Website Design ensures consistent, informative citations to ensure that when it comes to local SEO, your company isn’t left behind.


  • Attract more traffic with compelling, locally targeted content. It doesn’t matter how visible your brand is — if you aren’t visible in the areas where your target consumers are, you are wasting valuable digital marketing dollars. Blue Tide Website Design will work to develop content specifically tailored to geographic areas where your consumers are. We’ll boost your brand’s visibility where it counts.


  • Enhance your company's brand image with a strong local presence driven local optimization. As part of our comprehensive local search marketing programs, Blue Tide Website Design will create and optimize local search engine profiles for your brand, including Google Local, Maps, or Places; Bing Local; Yahoo Local, etc. Our experts will eliminate duplicate profiles and confirm all of your online company profile information is accurate & consistent, giving you total control over your brand’s image.

How We Change Your Website Pages To Improve Local Ranking

We make dozens of changes to the way your website is structured and what content your website features.  Ranking locally is typically easier but requires you get the details right. Please find an example of our on-page approach in the list below.

Content:Local SEO Optimization & Traffic Generation
•         Add target location geotagged photos
•         Use local attributed image
•         Link out to non-competitive
•         embed Google map of the central city
•         Use localized image alt - titles
•         Cite local news sources if possible
•         Answer localized questions
•         Add areas we serve category - 10 cities
•         City, province in landing page title
•         City, province in headings
•         Geographic keyword in website URL
•         City, province in inbound anchor text

The Power of Local: The Key to Better Conversion Rates

Improved local search marketing strategies translate into higher conversion rates, more sales, and a better bottom line. The data speak for themselves. After searching for a business online:

  • Close to 6 out of 10 consumers will place a phone call to the business.
  • Over half will visit the business’s location.
  • Over 4 out of 10 will make a purchase from the business using their mobile device.

Blue Tide Website Design Commitment: Expanding Visibility, Maximizing ROI

Local search marketing expands your company’s visibility and maximizes your digital marketing ROI by ensuring the people who are most likely to purchase from your brand know where you are and how to get in touch with you. From better citation building to more effective localized content, the advantages of Blue Tide Website Design’s local search marketing programs are clear. Get in touch with us today to see how our local search marketing programs can give your company the competitive edge it needs to thrive in today’s hypercompetitive world.

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