Warehouse Supplies

General Fasteners is a warehouse supply specialist with retail locations across Canada. Their storied history was built on great in person service.  That kind of environment makes investing in digital marketing an afterthought.

Charlie, the digital evangelist within the company convinced his peers that it was time in 2012.  Time for a minor update to the user experience and design. Also time to consider leveraging their considerable link network to start ranking naturally for the words that describe their products.

Target Keyword Phrases like:

  • stretch wrap
  • custom boxes
  • pallet jack
  • shipping containers

After providing a thorough keyword research report and a GAP analysis to direct our focus we started an extensive on page campaign.  The links were already there and the site had great authority and 400,000 published products.  Because it was never important before, they hadn’t bothered to build in SEO best practices.  The result was some ranking but 2nd and 3rd page doesn’t count does it.

Over a 9 month period we undertook to manually update (SEO) 100’s of pages.  Not all of them, an impossible task, but more than 600.  That was enough to improve rankings on hundreds of keywords.  Please see the image across showing the ranking improvement at 6 months.

The final result was top organic ranking for their main product categories, measured increase in sales and a happy digital guy inside the company that was rewarded by a well chosen risk.

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