Ontario Pianos

Ranking a piano store to the top position across the board in Mississauga and Manila.

Willem approached us when his attempts at online marketing through a few of the larger digital marketing providers fell flat. Not only was he paying per click but the traffic was not very targeted. We were able to use a 2 pronged approach to both increase his lead development through Google Adwords as well as ranking him very quickly, 60 days, with a white hat technique called partner link targeting. Essentially a process we use to reach out to business friends and associates with websites and negotiate a link on their website back to our clients website.

The result, Willem’s piano tuner also happened to tune pianos for major stars and event venues. We were able to use his contacts to get links from major websites like the Sony Center and The Toronto Philharmonic. Within 60 days, Willem’s new domain ontariopianos.com was ranking top 3 on Google. At 3 months in we actually paused the campaign as the website was earning enough clients to keep them very busy. At the 6 month mark Willem told us that his business doubled in the space of that 6 months. Please listen to Willem tell you himself.

About a year into our relationship with Ontario Pianos the owner decided to move his entire operation to the Philippines. With that in mind he approached us on how to replay the same SEO success he had in Mississauga. We advised him that the links we built are like a permanent infrastructure, that infrastructure was re-purposed to the Philippines website. We used a simple 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain to transfer the link power. The result within 30 days the brand new pianos.ph ranked top positions across the Philippines.

Had Willem approached a standard SEO or digital marketing agency, he would have been given the standard marketing plan and treated like a number. We do it differently by asking the right questions and recommending only necessary work.

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