Case Study - Website Redesign on WordPress

Rosen Couples Counselling of Vaughan Ontario had a site with great content and images but a dated layout.  Marcia worked with Vitali of Rosen Couples Counselling to design a website that would modernize the look while keeping the content from the previous. website design.  While some images were integrated into the new website, many of the new images used are bigger and brighter giving the website a more open, modern feel.

It was a pleasure to work with Blue Tide on creating a mobile friendly version of my website. My clients love the new website look. I am also seeing an increase in new clients which means that the SEO part of the website was done perfectly. I highly recommend their services. Vitali Rosen, Rosen Couples Counselling

Take a look at the previous website design below.  A standard clinical look for the time but with advances in web technology, data transfer speeds, and user expectations it was the right time for Rosen Couple Counselling to update.

Website Redesign Case Study

Rosen Couples Counselling of Vaughan Ontario. Serving Vaughan, Richmond Hill, New Market and Toronto

We rebuilt the website on the WordPress CMS as the worlds most heavily used content management system, WordPress allows us to deliver a great design, heavily extensible functionality and the ability for the client to easily update the website.

Take a look at the new web design below.  Using a full-screen layout and big clear images, the new look allows users to find the information they need and answer any pre-sale questions they have before they decide to contact.

Rosen Couples Counselling Torornto Website Redesign Case Study

WordPress Website Redesign - Vaughan - Toronto Ontario

The use of space is the first thing you notice.  The site previously had a light blue border around a boxed website layout.  This was a common look before but with today's devices, that area is valuable real estate for your website.  The new design goes full screen with a slightly boxed look through the main content areas.  Branding points like the logo, main header images, and footers go end to end for that modern look.

The newly re-designed website also uses more images to compliment the look and break up some heavy content sections.  Making them easily readable for users to get the information they are looking for seamlessly.

Typically following a redesign like this, website owners will see an increase in conversions (sales or contacts) from the website.  This is due to the improved layout and perception of a modern website user experience.  Many times clients will also see a significant increase in Google ranking following a website design.  As part of our website install, we set up the Yoast SEO plugin and manually optimize titles, descriptions, and images to make your website more relevant for your target keywords.

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Give us a call, email or text us if you're interested in a website redesign for your business.  Whether your business is marriage counseling, family law, construction, catering or corporate, we have the experience to transform the look of your website and help you get more quality, targeted traffic from it.


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